Our Worship Music
We have a very eclectic selection of worship music, but our diversity is intentional.  We know that each person has a special type of worship which helps them respond to the love of God.  With that in mind, you may hear anything from Southern Gospel, Traditional Hymns, Contemporary Praise and Worship, to even a little Blues or Bluegrass.  Regardless of genre, of the utmost importance is that every song we sing be spiritually accurate and God-honoring.


Our Worship Team (YOU!)
The church body makes up our worship team.  That means currently, we do not have a worship leader, so to speak.  We use worship videos with lyrics, which allow us to sing along with minimal distractions and put our focus completely on the ONE we are worshiping.  While we use videos now, that is not to say we use them exclusively.  We are constantly searching God’s will for our church.

Dress Code
This one is easy: Come as you are!  On any given Sunday, you will worship next to people wearing anything from jeans to suits.*  We do ask that whatever you wear; please dress in a way that is not going to distract your fellow worshipers.  Modesty and comfort are valued.  We beleive that what is inside the person is much more important that how they are adorned.
*Please note: Our pastor RARELY wears a suit.

Bible Translation
The pastor primarily uses the English Standard version, but also uses the New International Version, at times.  He chooses to preach from the English Standard Version, because the translators used a word-for-word translation method, as opposed to a though-by-thought method of translation (The New American Standard Bible uses the same method).

Since we believe that the Holy Scriptures are divinely inspired, and the Bible’s original languages held the most authority, his desire is to use a translation that does its best to remain faithful to the original sentence structure.  With that being said, the best version of the Bible is the version that you will read!  Find what reads best for you and commit yourself to it.  Exposing ourselves to the Word of God holds the power to change everything.

We partake in the Lord’s Supper several times a year, rather than every week, to avoid making this beautiful and holy Sacrament commonplace.  However, we don’t believe there is anything wrong with weekly communion, which is the tradition of some of our brothers and sisters in Christ.